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I won't fuck with you, so don't fuck with me.

6th November, 2006. 12:49 pm.

I saw Flushed Away. It's very short. And kids probably won't get 95% of the jokes in this movie. It makes the American population look dysfunctional and stupid. Not like you care.

I can't find my phone. It's probably lying in the gutter, dead some where.

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30th October, 2006. 10:57 pm.

I was in the car with a particular friend. I went to a house that wasn't mine to change my shirt. I chose a yellow
shirt. A soft, yellow shirt.

Feelings about the particular car. In other words, is it efficient, do you feel good in it? Such feelings give a clue to how you feel about the way you deal with your drive to fulfill your ambitions or decisions.

The car can also be your ideas, ambitions, drives, ideals, desires that get you somewhere in life. Therefore it can define the strategies or techniques, the attitudes you use in your life to achieve things.

Often we have feelings of status, social standing in connection with our car too, so you need to ask yourself if these are a part of what your car dream indicates.

The way you drive your car, if it is handling well, refer to whether you feel in control of your life, your energies, such as sex drive, anger, ambition, etc. Are you exhibiting self control or lack of it, in driving?

Your feelings about this friend. If the dream friend is no one you know then usually they represent the intuitive feelings that encourage and advise you. Or they relate to your contact or relationship with friends.

See *Clothes.

Your opinion of and the way in which you see yourself. Also expresses the idea of how you can cloak yourself in various attitudes, affectations, feelings and opinions; and how you can disguise your real nature by dressing up as something else. The colours of the clothes say a great deal, so look at the different colours for ideas about this.

Generally a hat represents thoughts, philosophy, opinions, reasoning and logic. A shirt or blouse connects with feelings, emotions, passions. Trousers, pants, panties, skirt, denote sexual feelings, or desires. Underclothes, such as vest, petticoats stand for the inner self, and unconscious feelings. Shoes depict the general situation of your life, as when we say. "I wouldn't like to be in your shoes" or "Down at heel". An overcoat symbolises the parts of yourself you show to the world in general, but can also be the feelings and attitudes you use for protection against difficulties in meeting people and events. Gloves are also a protection, and maybe an attitude of avoiding direct contact with others. A raincoat is similar to overcoat, but more directly about protection, and ways of dealing with emotions, worry, or outbursts of feeling.

Lightness of feeling; intellect; extroversion; cowardice; intuition; caution or quarantine; hopefulness for the future.

There was another man in my dream. A customer I've seen in the store recently. He was outisde the house working. I don't know what he was, or why he was there.

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7th September, 2005. 4:40 am.

I no longer use this journal.

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3rd April, 2003. 6:21 pm.

Made by the fine folks at

Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?

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1st April, 2003. 1:19 pm.

Do you think it's possible to die of boredom?

I don't think so.

But what if you started to daydream and it lasted for days to come. You didn't move from where you were and you went without any food or water for days.

Then you would die of starvation and dehydration, not boredom.

Yea. But boredom caused the daydream.

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